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Important Notices about this year’s camp:

1) ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can arrive before 5:30. The camp has another event happening on Friday and they need time to leave before we can arrive. DO NOT arrive before 5:30pm on Friday. You will be told to leave.

2) We are providing very limited meals this year – no lunch on Saturday or Sunday, and less choices for other meals. You will need to bring your own lunch and additional snacks for the weekend. Please review the planned menu page before registering.

3) While we are not requiring people be vaccinated to attend the camp.  We will have hand sanitizers available, and our staff will be cleaning tables and commonly touched items.

4) We are keeping an eye on the CDC and Rhode Island to ensure we are following all protocols. If any changes happen that affect Silent Camp, we will let you know.

You may wish to review the following sites regarding COVID as well:
Rhode Island’s Covid Information
The CDC’s Guidence Page