While we try to accommodate a variety of disabilities we are limited by the conditions of the camp. As of 2021 there is a new building at the camping area with accessible bathrooms and air conditioning. The main lodge has a ramp and accessible bathrooms on the main floor, but the camping area is a good walk away from it. In addition it is a “bring your own tent/camping supplies” experience – there are no beds and only one shower.

We have staff certified in first aid and CPR, however, we cannot be responsible for any additional medical care while at camp.

Also, while we attempt to accommodate food allergies and preferences, you may wish to bring your own food / drinks if you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, but be aware we have limited space for storing food which we can only use for the food we’re providing. Please bring your own coolers for any food you bring to camp.

Please contact us with any questions you might have.